Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True...

My friends who shall remain nameless (Steph & Ang) have been laughing at me for months as I rummage through all the glitzy,fancy dresses in the thrift stores.
I long for a Dynasty-era dress that screams 80's excess.
But I have said I would settle for an amazing sequined top as well.
And I have been looking for such a top since September.
One that I can dress up with jeans and sky high slingback stilettos.
You know, to wear to a PTO meeting, or Girl Scouts or some other mommy function.
Or not.
I found my dream top on Tuesday...for only $6.
I think it was handcrafted for fits me so perfectly...
So go ahead and laugh you two...but me and my sequins will be living happily ever after.
I think I have died and gone to heaven...a really glitzy,sparkly heaven.


  1. I think that top's kind of fabulous. The glitzy look is back and I can envision a similar top being sold new for TONS of money from J. Crew or even Anthro.

  2. I totally love 80s sequins and glitter!! This shirt is no exception!

  3. That top is sooooo great! And for $6!!!!! What a find

  4. this is a fabulous top! I really hated these the first time round (one of my significantly older sisters wore them all the time with "matching" voluminous skirts and pants). BUT, wiht your jeans here, and the heels... very cute! hmmmm.. may be time for me to plunder sis' old stuff she left at the homestead... :)


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