Thursday, January 14, 2010


I get these little inklings that there is a treasure waiting for me at a store.

To explain a little better, I just knew that this consignment/thrift warehouse I frequent, had something special waiting there for me.

I haven't had a chance to stop there since well,well before the holidays.

Unfortunately, my mommy duties took up my entire morning (food shopping,car inspection,etc.) but after I mailed Dea's prize, I had about an hour I could kill.

My instincts were right on.

I found each of these blouses for $2 a piece, the 2 pairs of earrings,necklace and suede chain handle bag. The bag was the most expensive at $3, the jewelry was also $2 a piece.
I also bought a great jacket,skirt, another blouse and pair of high waisted trousers.
But I will save those for later.

My favorite is the cream blouse with the beads...each piece is so unique, but this one...was a great find...I am completely in love with it.

My ESP is also telling me I should hit a couple more tomorrow morning before I go to work.

I think I will listen.


  1. Does your ESP help with the lottery!? It's dead on with shopping!!!I need your skills! That cream blouse with the beads is beautiful!!! That handbag was a whopping $3?!?!? Holy man. Good shopping!

  2. WHEN ARE YOU TAKING ME!?!?!?? i know you can pull up my schedule so make it work!

  3. Lol- I almost called you because I knew you were off today (yes I peek at your schedule) but I had so many errands this morning!
    I am free next Tues and/or Thurs?!

  4. Wow, what great finds AND you don't have to feel guilty about the "splurge". They are all great pieces but I agree that the cream blouse is the favorite!

  5. eeeppp! I love your blouses! I want them ALLLLL! Also, I love the use of the tripod. It actually makes it easier, doesnt it?



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