Tuesday, January 12, 2010

first things first....wedding dress talk:

how many did i try on: about 10

how many did i like: 2

what styles do i look best in: I'm thinking mermaid ( i like to show my curves) and drop waist

what style did i dislike the most: a-line...YUCK!! it didn't even look like i had a body under the dress

did i cry: of course i did...I'M AN EMOTIONAL MESS!

did mom cry: uhh yeahh...where do you think i get it from?

so my next adventure to a bridal salon will be January 30th, who's coming?
all my bridesmaids...you think 6 people is too much? probably but who cares...not me!


i must admit...shopping has definitely come to a pause...so its all about mix-matching
what is in the closet. hey isn't that why we started out blog in the first place?

although i have about 7 gift cards that are seriously burning holes in my pockets...i have a shopping urge like you would not believe! I've been trying to "hold out"..lets see how long that lasts.

so here's two outfits i wore this week to work: nothing too crazy, cute and simple

black New York & Company skinny jeans, with a classic white collared pullover (flared out at the bottom), black leather boots from Spring Shoes, a layered pearl necklace; Ny&Co and sterling silver bangle bracelets.

Ny&Co ruffle tunic and long cardigan, brown leggings, brown boots from Spring Shoes,
chunky bangle bracelet.

oh and this...i HAD to buy this sweater at Gap.
i have been scouting it out, and waiting for my size to just magically appear on the rack
and it did...it was meant to be.

so warm and cozy, big, and thick...perfect for a cold day.
pair it with boots, leggings, and a Starbucks signature hot chocolate to make the outfit complete.


  1. I can't wait to see what kind of wedding dress you end up picking!
    Did you make your appointment at Kleinfeld's?
    Every NY/NJ bride needs to go to Kleinfeld's!

  2. not yet! but i will DEFINETLY be going there! perhaps during the taping of "say yes to the dress" haha


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