Saturday, January 30, 2010

from work to a night out

Wednesday I had to work in another store, it just so happened to be in the mall that one of my best friends works in. That just gave us an excuse to plan a night out after work, its been so hard seeing each other since we both work crazy retail hours.
I needed an outfit that would be appropriate for both work and play. Remember that tunic that i recently blogged about, well when i saw it I instantly thought it would be best with a boyfriend jacket and leggings. So my next mission was to find a boyfriend jacket...
I've had a really hard time trying to find a boyfriend jacket, since I'm really short alot of them didn't fit me right and didn't look proportioned to me. But i found this one at ATL, and it has a belt that you can tie in the back for a shape rather then just hanging straight (which is what I needed) it was perfect! and on sale! how could i pass it up?

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