Sunday, January 31, 2010

girls just want to have fun

In honor of my dearest friend Ashely, who just happens to be Miss New Jersey and competed in Miss America, I had to throw a party and cheer her on from home. And what better excuse do you have to get dressed up! I made sashes for everyone, made it an "evening wear" theme and busted out my senior prom dress(yes i still fit into it, i actually think i look better in it now then i did my senior year)!

Miss New Jersey, I couldnt be happier and more proud of her!
A dream come true!

my loves

from left to right:

Miss I Saw the Sign, Miss Panty Queen, Miss Metamorphosis, Miss Lemon, and Miss Grandma

Girls just want to have fun

and we sure did!


  1. You.are.freakin'.awesome.!
    I just wish you had invited me so I could have had an excuse to pick up a "Dynasty" dress at the thrift store!!!!


  2. That was such a great idea!!!! It looks like it was a good time. I didn't watch (!) How did your friend do!?!?!

  3. How sweet is this!!! And Miss New Jersey looks so beautiful...

    Funny thing--I was up late catching up on commenting back on my blog, and I switched over to the Washington Post's home page so I could (for the 100th time that day) read more about how much snow we got (A LOT), and I spied the title "Miss Virginia is now Miss America."

    Turns out the winner of the pageant was a lady from not too far from us here in NOVA!!! A Northern Virginia gal won Miss America--wooh, wooh!!! (But had Miss New Jersey won, I would have been super-excited, too, enough of Miss Texas winning...come on now...)

    I think all of you were winners last night. Your gowns and sashes can't be beat!!!


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