Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grocery Getter

Typical day off today.
Drop the little one at her school and then off to the grocery store.
I used to call station wagons grocery getters when I was a teen.
Now that I drive a Subaru Outback, and do the food shopping, I suppose the term relates to me on more than one level.
When the weather is at least in the 40's here, I try to avoid a coat when out shopping.
I layered a basic white long sleeve tee under a pinstriped tuxedo jacket I have had for years.
A scarf for added warmth (and style) and silver satin ballerina flats with my flare leg jeans and I was in and out of the food store in no time.
Good thing, because that gave me 2 hours to hit the thrift stores before my oldest got home.
You won't believe the things I found today!!!
long sleeve tee and jeans: limited
pinstripe jacket: bcbg
scarf & ballerinas: ny&co
chain bag: thrifted

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  1. haha, grocery getter. I also like how 40s qualifies as no coat weather. Hmm. :)


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