Friday, January 22, 2010

i've got the blues...

lately i have choosen comfort over fashion
but today...i woke up feeling good and wanting to get back into
my style...perhaps, it was my day out with eleanor yesterday that inspired me
to get back into the groove...thanks el!

blue tunic from ny&co, paired with black leggings,
and my favorite black suede boots.
necklace compliments to angela! i borrowed it and have
"forgotten" to return it..haha!

please excuse my unmaid bed...
no time to make it pretty before work

i'm feeling the shopping itch...majorly!
since i dont have to be at work until 2 tomorrow...
i think i will be waking up early and doing some shopping before hand!

..i'll be sharing my goodies, dont worry..


  1. So glad you stopped by this morning!
    You look great in the blue tunic...and you looked completely fab the other day when we were out...
    Can't wait to do it again!

  2. That blue looks gorgeous on you and I don't blame you at all for "forgetting" to return the necklace!

    Hope your shopping trip went well

  3. to Eleanor: me too! i love seeing your ladies! why thank you..perhaps ill look a little better after the 30-day shed haha...ill keep u posted

    to Debye: thank you! haha well after angela reads this im sure she'll want it back! my shopping trip was veryyy sucessful, stay tuned for the pics!


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