Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Long And Short Of It...

Once I hit my 30's I really started believing in "age-appropriate" dressing.

I created my own list of Fashion Do's and Don'ts.

Number 3 or 4 on my list was making sure your hemlines are appropriate to your age.

And once you are in your 30's...I think this becomes very important.

I have rarely worn a skirt that hit above my knees in a long time...and to be honest I find skirts that just skim the knee to be the sexiest.

I surprised myself by falling in love with this mini recently...not too short...and not too long...

I think this one was "just right".

And after having Angela stand patiently by the fitting room to give me her honest opinion (Angela will totally tell you if something looks bad on you) I decided to buy it.

And that's the Long and Short of it.

Soho mini: NY&Co
Turleneck: Limited
Cowl neck scarf: NY&Co
Layered necklaces: thrifted and Lia Sophia
Booties: Style&Co


  1. It is all about proportion, and you have nailed it. At any age, if you nail proportion for your body, you are as good as gold. :)

    So minis are okay for more "mature" ladies, just figure out how to make it work for you is the challenge. When you are a teen and all limbs and very little bumps, minis and tight tops work (although I never did that as a young girl, I just couldn't do that, too much attention or something)...

    Did you enjoy wearing the outfit??? :)

  2. I agree with Dina. If the proportion works, it looks great. And clearly it is working here! And when you have a pair of tights underneath a shorter length skirt-it all comes together! I love the scarf on top, too.

  3. Thanks Ladies!!

    Dina - Yes, I totally enjoyed wearing it. I felt a little more self conscious than usual, and probably spent most of the day checking in on myself in any mirror I passed!

    Pam - The tights are definitely the part that put it more into my "comfort" zone.
    Definitely a "winter" type thing for me to wear.

  4. Cute!! i love that it's body-con. And I especially love that you totally rock it!



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