Monday, January 4, 2010

New York & Company Goes JCrew?!?!?

Look at these new arrivals I spied today at NY & Co.

The belt is only $19.95 and the headband is I think $10.95. But if that isn't enticing enough for you, just think of all the coupons they offer and I'm sure you could score those puppies for much less.

I'm thinking the nude belt with a navy knit dress....

We are still experiencing arctic like weather here in NJ.

And sadly I went back to work after a fab five days off.

We are allowed to wear jeans until 9th and I am taking full advantage.

Monday is an office day for me and I am not usually out on the "floor" if you will, so sometimes I take advantage and wear something that's not so movement friendly.

I could never run around all day with that big cozy wool plaid wrap on...but sitting snugly in my office chair? Yes, please!

Wool wrap - Scotland, Cowl neck sweater - ATL, Necklace - Banana, Boots - Bandolino, Skinny jeans - NY & Co.

I know I sound like a broken record, but what kind of hostess would I be if I don't remind you to enter the JCrew necklace giveaway?

We know...we know...


  1. Love the wool wrap!!! Sadly, if I were to do that at my office, people would walk by all day and ask if I was sick. No one would get it. But really, why should I care?!?! Now, to find something similar...

  2. Love your blog, ladies! My favorite accessory has to be a vintage ring with small diamonds from my grandmother. It's beautiful.

  3. Love the wrap!! I got a heather gray cashmere one from BR on super sale the day after Xmas. I have been living in it!


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