Sunday, February 7, 2010

99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall...

Well, there is not quite 99 bottles there yet, but he is working on it!

The 4th bedroom of our home is our "home" office.

In the beginning it was supposed to be my husband's "man cave", but since it houses the computer, and the closet houses my blazers,sweaters,pants and really didn't end up being man space after all.

Although from the decor, you would never know.

While I collect books, cameras and photos, my husband collects beer bottles,pint glasses, and beer taps etc.

Which made this room the perfect place to take pics of what I wore today.

I can't think of a better setting for my menswear styled ensemble - a tweed blazer, paired with a men's striped oxford shirt...a true "boyfriend" shirt, boyfriend jeans and my Kangaroos?

Of course, I had to girl it up a little with this gold necklace I recently thrifted.

And for work all day?

I slipped on my pink and black Enzo ballerinas - the pink was perfection with the blues and brown and besides, no sneakers allowed.

Oh, and the bottle collection?

First he has to drink them, then he lovingly handwashes them and places them on his shelves.

As for what the interiors of these bottles shall look like in a year or so...I shudder to think!

blazer:isaac mizrahi for target
men's oxford shirt:gap
boyfriend jeans:ny&company
ballerina flats:enzo angiolini


  1. I love the idea of a menswear outfit setting in the man cave! My husband would be completely jealous!!

  2. The layered necklaces are really striking my fancy -- thanks for stopping by my blog! It means a lot. I will keep up with yours, too!


  3. Love the necklaces with the outfit - fab!!


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