Monday, February 15, 2010


I am on the hunt for a fitted fatigue jacket.

I bought this one at Gap Kids last summer. It was only $9 and fit me, so I couldn't pass it up.

But I am ready to upgrade to a newer version.

More snow possible here tonight.


I love snow, but this year, it's outta control!

Major Snowstorms that hit NJ: 3

Inches of snow currently on the ground: about 16

Times I have been snowboarding this year: 0

This is a very sad ratio.

fatigue jacket and hoodie underneath:gap
pin tucked tunic: new york and company
suede boots: coach

blue handbag: limited


  1. wow-i think i need to check out gap kids more often!!!

  2. You look great as usual. I think Gap and Old Navy currently have some nice options for a fatigue jacket.

  3. What size is the fatigue jacket? I want one for myself, (if you're selling)


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