Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Dreamt About You Last Night

I saw these shoes at my local Target store last Sunday. They didn't have my size, and yet after I left, I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Thus, I spent the week going from Target to Target to find them in my size.

To no success.

While focusing on how much I wanted them, I assembled this outfit in my mind.

Then Thursday night my kids asked to run to Target to spend their VDay gift cards from my mom.

Voila! A pair in my size!

I couldn't wait to put this outfit together and was really happy with the result. The denim jacket and the skirt are both over 5 years old and yet they are still always current to my wardrobe.

The beaded bracelet is really a necklace I just wrapped around and around my wrist - I do this quite often, and this one was perfect because the beads are gray and pale yellow.

I love my new love love!

denim jacket:dkny
stripe bateau tee:jcrew
satin pleat skirt:inc
shoes:target, obviously
bracelet (necklace):ny and company


  1. Oooh, I can see why you dreamed about them!!! I've got to get myself to Target!! I can stick up on medicine and make it a legit trip!

  2. SO much I love about this outfit:
    1. the fluff of your hair
    2. the nautical top
    3. the pink of the skirt
    4. the flippin' shoes!
    5. your house as a backdrop

  3. I love your denim jacket! And of course your new shoes are awesome :))

  4. HI! aww thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I love the idea of you 3 keeping a blog together, I will keep an eye on your posts!
    xxx sandra

  5. the skirt is lovely! you look like a young Catherine Deneuve :-)!


  6. Love the outfit and the pics are GREAT!!!! P.S. Steve Madden (girl) makes a similar shoe in every color under the rainbow for a steal - they have them at DSW (and

  7. I love your new shoes! They are very feminine and pretty :)

  8. Oooh, those are definitely dreamable shoes!! Fab outfit, too.

  9. haha, the thrill of a find. I love it! Cutes! hey p.s., I think you've officially taken over this blog, your friends rarely make appearances! Hi other girls!! :-P

  10. Oh I love this! I was jsut playing with girly skirts/dresses and moto jackets last night!

  11. love the tights and shoes together, makes your legs look very long!

    My Delusional Mind

  12. I love those shoes!! Do you know the name of them??

  13. They are by xhiliration.
    They are only $20 too...not too bad,eh?


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