Saturday, February 13, 2010

lets play catch-up

some of you may be wondering where i've been(sorry el!)
so heres my story:

Annual Superbowl Sunday party, i love having themed you can tell!

my superbowl party requires everyone to wear sports apparel, a game of LCR, catch-phrase(my ALL TIME FAVORITE), and this year a Just-Dance compettion (which has become an addiction of mine).

this is my baby...i painted this, its on green felt and i used an iron-on decal for the center. its the superbowl tablecloth.

living room tablecloth

my custom-made jersey

this made matt very happy

party started around 4...everyone left around 12, i grabbed my computer to upload all the pics and blog about my day...when my computer crashed!
now i need to mention that my computer is my life and i had been meaning to back everything up but never got to it. can we say FREAK OUT!! yes i did!
i ran into my brothers room and started to panic. My computer not only has pictures of my life but all my work and windows and everything visual that i have ever done!
luckily my brother knows what he's doing and nothing happened to the hard drive. He backed everything up and then started my computer from scratch. i owe him BIG!
and then can we say snow storm?!?!?
i have nothing negative to say...if it has to be cold i want snow other then that give me sunshine and a nice tan!

and tonight i will attending Fashion Week in NYC, thanks to my best friend who bought these tickets back in October for my birthday!
who am I seeing : Andres Aquino, couture fashion designer in the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
stay tuned for my outfit pics!
x0 Steph


  1. That tablecloth looks awesome! Great job. Your SB party sounded like a lot of fun.

    Can't wait to see what you wear to Fashion Week. Lucky girl!

  2. You really outdid yourself for the Superbowl - I wish I was that crafty.

  3. thank you!! perhaps i should consider event planning huh? haha


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