Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Best Thing About The Garden State

Other than rudeness, our "accents" (you know, the way we say caw-fee instead of coffee), miles and miles of urban highway (aka:the NJ Turnpike) and The Sopranos...NJ is known for something not many other states can boast about.

Our pizza.

If you have ever had NY/NJ pizza, I am certain you can attest to its deliciousness and the fact that you can only get pizza that tastes this way in either NY or NJ.

Any relative who has moved to another state from Jersey always has to have pizza at least once when they come to visit.

It is literally nirvana.

Just see for yourself:

Yummy, right?

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  1. I totally agree with you. I hail originally from the NYC region and the pizza in the Tri-State area is far superior to everywhere else (it's the thing crisp crust and the NY water, of course, ha ha).
    When I lived in Albuquerque and Knoxville, pizza was relegated to Papa John's or some other chain. Thankfully in Atlanta I am able to find some good substitutes to my greasy cheesy obsession.


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