Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rain, Rain You Can Stay As Long As You Take The Snow Away

This was actually my OOTD from Tuesday. I paired my denim boyfriend shirt with a girly skirt I have had forever and a sequin tee underneath for a little glitz and glamour.
My boyfriend shirt is, well, so boyfriendish, that I needed to put a belt on it or I looked like a sloppy mess. I also had on tights with a great chevron design that turned out to look like solid black tights once on my legs. Disappointing to say the least.

I'm a little behind this week...Tuesday was the kickoff of a huge promo at work which is always all-consuming, not to mention that we had yet another monster storm tear through NY and NJ Thursday into Friday with blizzard like conditions.

Fun times that afford for lots of blogging.

Or not.

I started these photos outdoors, but then the rain turned torrential, so I headed inside.
This was what I was wearing to work and could not afford, time-wise, to get rain soaked.

This was also how my backyard looked prior to the most recent blizzard which dumped about another 5-6 inches on top.

I think the forces of nature are just trying to prep me for our impending move to Maine.

Or not.

In other news, I won an ebay auction for a vintage Kenar military shirtdress from the 80's and it arrived today!!!!

Oh, and I won it for 99 cents.

Yes, that is right...I said 99 cents.

As it would turn out, I will have to have it altered/shortened because I look like a member of the Duggar family as it is.

I'm still not sure whether the shoulder pads will stay or go, but since I have everything tailored right where I work, I can show it to Angela and get her opinion.
And she will surely enjoy seeing me look like a Duggar.

boyfriend shirt:ny&company
sequin shirt:ny&company
skirt:nyc design company

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  1. I can't wait to see this dress you won! maybe you can do a before and after??! ;)

    I love the shots with the umbrella outside!so cool.


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