Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slow On The Draw

This was my OOTD from Thursday, the day the last storm began. I still had to go into work, so I opted for pants and "sensible" shoes.

Since last week I wore my Michael Kors snake heels and wiped out flat on my ass on my way into work.

My pride was hurt more than my butt.

I actually sell these pants at work, and never looked at them twice until I saw them on another blog called Saucy Glossie.

They looked fabulous on Lindsay, and I tried them on the next time I went in.

As you can see, I ended up buying them! I love the way the cargo pockets protrude from the pants when they are on.

The top was thrifted a month or so ago...remember?

And you will not believe how many people stopped me to comment on it!

If it wasn't to admire it, then it was to ask me if we sell it at work.

If they only knew I paid only $2 for it!

This is another angle of my husband's "man room"/ our home office.

I filled these two bookcases (that I got for free! from a former employer) with his collection of pint glasses and other assorted objects he loves.

And a leather man cave is complete without a leather recliner!

cargo pants:ny&company
bauble bracelet:jcrew
sensible boots:kenneth cole

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