Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Style Icon Mom

I love looking through old pictures of my mother. She was quite stylish in a very timeless, classic way.
Yet, she could still be very avaunt garde, like when she returned from Paris with the latest, up the millisecond hairdo that no one Stateside had seen yet. Tre chic!

Mom has always been conservative, almost preppy in style. She always favored pieces that looking at today, are still quite relevant.
Big sunglasses
Simple strand of pearls
Trench with striped sweater layered underneath and a timeless pair of pants
Super adorable baby? Oh, that's just me! (Besides a cute baby on your hip never goes out of style!)

We learn and live our own lives influenced by the way we were brought up.
Mom is no exception.

Leave the house without your hair and makeup done?


Sweatpants worn as an outfit?

Not in her book! Those clothes are for lounging,sleeping or exercising!

I dress every day of my life because that is the way I was raised.

To take pride in the way you look. To know that the first impression you give, is how you have presented yourself.

Mom has also taught me valuable lessons on how to live. She was raised by parents who understood the meaning of "life" and how to take pleasures in the simple things.

Enjoying the people around you.

Recognize the beauty in everything, be it the sky, the fresh air, or the beauty you have created in your home.

Good food.

Dinner was an hours long ordeal that began with cocktails and hors deuvres, a time to relax and enjoy each others company.

The table was always "dressed" even if it was just the kitchen table, and that is where the family would sit to eat.No TV watching in our family!

On Sundays, we would dress up in our finest, go to church and always eat dinner in the dining room. Fancy china was always par for the course!

Holidays? Always dressed up even if we were staying home.

So thanks Mom...for these things you taught me. I hope my children take these simple pleasures and teach their own families how to enjoy them.


  1. Oooh, look at her trench in the last picture - fabulous!

  2. Well, I have spent the last two days with Special Children and I must say feeling very old indeed. Then I read your blog and feel quite young again. Thanks for the pick me up, honey. Love Mom


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