Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take A Good Look At Me Now

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in NJ.This girl grew up in an area that was overrun with big "poofy" hair and guys who worried about the 3 important things in life, gym, tans and laundry. This girl liked the guys who wore "guyliner" long before the Madden brothers were known to all of society and Adam Lambert was still wearing diapers. She drooled over posters of Robert Smith and thought Morrissey was one of the smartest men that had ever lived.

She didn't quite fit in with all the "regular" kids at school, because she didn't wear Jordache jeans or wigwams.
She looked like this instead:

Instead of shopping at the mall, she visited thrift stores and cut and sewed and altered all of her own outfits. She considered Vivienne Westwood, Betsy Johnson and Jean Paul Gaultier to be the masters of fashion design and dreamed of going to FIT in NYC so she too could work in fashion and maybe, just maybe,be as cool as them.

Then she decided that she should travel first, before committing to furthering her education, and spent quite a bit of time all over Europe. She spent a few weeks backpacking throughout Ireland with her then also punk rock fiancee, and when she came home she discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a strange hybrid of a child

Seriously, who hates his moms guts right now?

who, as it would turn out, loves punk rock and all things "alternative" as much as his mom and dad once did. I guess that should come as no surprise, since when he was quite small, his mother still rocked a nose ring and partially shaved head.

The girl and her little boy grew up together, in some respects, and she took him to cool places like London on vacations and since it ended up just being the two of them on their own,she made sure they had tons of fun together.

After a while, the girl had started to look much more like a hippie, she grew her hair super long and straight and wore crazy sunglasses with colored lenses. Not her best look by any means.

Eventually she fell in love with a great guy who skateboarded and snowboarded his way right into her heart and they were married within a year and a half of dating. They wanted to have a baby right away so the boy, who was almost 8 years old would have a sibling to grow up with.
They ended up having a sometimes sweet little girl and live happily together not far from where people still obsess over gyms,tanning and laundry and still make big poofs in their hair.

Some things will never change.

This girl, however, has changed in her appearance quite drastically since the good ole days.

And although she does work with fashion, her job is not quite as fabulous as she once imagined it being.

But she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The End.


  1. Love this story, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow!!! I would never have imagined. That's such a great story! hehe... Thanks for sharing, Elanor!!


  3. This was so sweet! And WOW, talk about a 180! I can't believe that was you!! There is no doubt that the things you go through while you're young shape the person you are today.

  4. Thanks for sharing a peek into your life (and your mohawk!)

  5. What a great life story. So many experiences and transformations. Thank you for sharing this. That Mohawk was awesome!!!!

  6. love it...your family is beautiful x0

  7. Okay, you are officially the coolest chick I "know".

  8. Megan ~ That is such a huge compliment since the kids think I am a total Lame-o most times!


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