Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Suited

I hemmed and hawed over purchasing this thrifted jacket.

It has such a strong,bold shape that I instantly fell in love with, yet wasn't sure exactly how I would wear it.

For the $5 price tag, I decided I would figure it out later.

My inspiration came from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. She posted pics of herself at NYC Fashion Week and wore an all black ensemble with a pair of "saddle brown" shoes and matching handbag.

She looked amazing - (well, duh, she is like super hot and always looks amazing!) and I loved how unexpected the brown and black together was.

My wheels were turning from there, and I love how the belt brought down some of the sharp edges off of the jacket making it more wearable (in my opinion).

I think that is the trick to styling alot of vintage clothing - especially when the designs are bold like 80's apparel - how can you make it work for today, while still preserving the integrity of the design?

Not always successful with this, but today I think I did ok .

*sidenote: I was heading out the door to work - I don't really hang out inside my house with sunglasses on!

ruffle blouse:loft
slim ankle pants:ny&company
boots:nine west
earrings and sunglasses:limited


  1. For $5, that jacket is a steal! I agree about sometimes finding that vintage clothes can be hard to "modernize," especially bolder items. A lot of times, vintage necklines just don't work on me. I like how you paired the black and browns together here, though I would've personally gone for a slightly thinner belt to soften the blazer even more.

  2. Amazing - so crisp and then the brown leather is such a warming, softening surprise.

  3. Pardon the use of this word because it just is so overused...but honey, you look fierce!!! Love it.

  4. I love this outfit. I'm a huge fan of black and brown together, and you pulled it off perfectly. I can't believe that jacket was $5. Wow.


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