Thursday, March 4, 2010

Black All Over

I rarely wear black from head to toe.

But since I bought this oversized sweat shirt of a tunic thing, I find it like wearing pajamas all just looks nicer.

Today was my first "real" day off in like 9 days...crazy,right?

Sometimes when I wear jeans I get somewhat uncomfortable midday and just want to throw on sweats. So today I knew that I needed to wear something that could withstand all my running around and cramming a million things to do into a very small window of time.

Voila! This is what I decided on!

I'm so into this whole "Flashdance" thing...wearing tops that hang off my shoulder lately. I'm clearly rubbing off on Angela, because when I saw her yesterday she had a top hanging off her shoulder too.

Leggings have just become an acceptable form of sweatpants in my opinion, but who's complaining?

I would have preferred wearing my Coach boots that come up to the knee since it is a much more flattering look on my little, stubby legs, but flats were a necessity for today's duties. Kids off to school then head to the grocery store, butcher, post office, wholesale club...squeeze two thrift store visits inbetween...pick up all the kids on the block from's certainly a glamorous life (ahem), so don't be a hater....

Someone's gotta do it!

scarf:charlotte russe (i know i wear this a ton...but i love it)
boots:macy's last year
fatigue jacket:gapkids


  1. You look goooorgeous! Who takes your photos?

  2. Thanks Amy!!!

    My tripod takes them - we make a good couple I guess! ;)


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