Friday, March 12, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

I haven't done a "Favorite Things Friday" in such a long time.

The original idea was to show you items I have been loving all that week.

But I am loving a few things right now that I want to share with you....

My YSL pumps that I thrifted today for only $5....

This amazing shiraz that I can't get enough of (tonight especially). It's soooo good you must try!

These luscious photos in the American Fashion book I got for Christmas this year.

This china cabinet I inherited 4 years ago and really didn't have a use for until I decided to turn it into a bar.
Now it gives me ample storage space and looks fabulous in my formal living room.

My pheasant feathers and pomegranates that I keep out all winter in my formal living room.
It is my winter "floral" arrangement, if you will.

I love the contrast of the "natural" look it gives on top of a mirrored tray in a very formal and glamorous setting.

What things are you loving this week? I would love to hear about them....


  1. A china cabinet as a bar? Ooooh, love that!!

  2. umm you got them for $5?????/ so envious I might just explode! lol they are SO pretty!!!


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