Friday, March 19, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

It's no secret that music has always been a huge part of my life.

And as I was silently reflecting to myself the other day about some of my musical passions, I realized that my hair styles over the years have been directly taken from some of these icons.

Join me, will you, on a journey of my hair throughout the past 20 years....

Let's begin with middle school, shall we? The year was 1986/87.
This was summer at the township pool, where I sat rebelliously listening to the Violent Femmes on my walkman sporting a hairdo that can only be described as channeling Olivia Newton John in Let's Get Physical.

Since this makes no sense for a snotty pre-teen listening to "Blister in the Sun", we will move on.
I can offer no explanations.

Freshman year in high school. When people called my friends and I "New Wavers".
Or just freaks.
This hairdo can only be described as an attempt to channel The Flock of Seagulls hair.

Only with a perm.
And no, I couldn't see out of that one eye.
But I liked it that way.

Towards the end of my freshman year, I had developed a full on crush on Ian McCulloch from Echo & The Bunnymen (and yes, I still have it today. When my hubby and I saw them in '08, I asked if he wouldn't mind me screaming out "I love you Ian". He was cool with it cause he understands.)
What better way to display your crush on a singer than to replicate his hairdo?
So that is what I did.

This was a friends senior prom that he asked me to, and I was the worst date ever because it was that time of the month and I had cramps.
Sorry Michael that I probably ruined your night, but I was a late bloomer and still not fully in the swing of that monthly thing.

By sophmore year, my hair had expanded into a full blown Robert Smith of The Cure replica, though my love for Ian remained.

I didn't crush on Robert Smith, because he wore more lipstick than I did.
But he was still super cool and with awesome hair like that, how could I not imitate it?

There was "No Doubt"

that by my senior year, I was over copying the boys and had moved on to trying to have "girl hair".
I loved my bleached out blond hair.
Two days after this photo I went to Germany for the summer and sometime during that trip my hair started to resemble chewed up bubble gum in consistency after it got wet.
Over processing I guess.

The 90's were in full swing, and you have already seen pics of the dreads and stuff.
After I went through my grunge,Hole and Babes in Toyland phase, wearing babydoll dresses and such, I went straight for the Dolores O'Riordan look.

Totally appropriate since this was my hair style when I backpacked Ireland in the fall of '93.

Much better look for Dolores than myself.

Towards the late 90's I was already a mom and trying to find the happy balance between looking "motherly" and still having my "edge".

Channeling Janis Joplin was probably not the best form of imitation...yikes!

My hubby says I looked cute, but since he was wearing socks with his Birkenstocks at this moment in time and passing out at Phish concerts, his opinion will not be considered.
Sorry Babe...I love you more than anything in this world, but you are damn lucky that I saw beyond those socks and sandals.
Ok, just sent my heart flip flopping...socks or not!

And although they say imitation is the highest form of you can see it was not always successful.
Trial and error I suppose!


  1. Hahaha, I loved this! I never imitated my musical heroes through hair, but definitely through wardrobe. I even got the exact same ear piercings as one of my favorites. Sad. I still love them, though. You were quite the fierce wild child back in the day!

  2. I love that you share yourself with your fellow bloggettes. These pics show that you were always fearless with your personal sense of style and that's what fashion is all about.

  3. Thanks!
    I was actually cracking myself up posting these pics...when you look back and see your past self, knowing what you have evolved into today, you see that some themes actually never change.
    For me, my hair has always in some way defined my personal style and where I was coming from at that point in my life.

    Oh, and I totally get a kick out of cracking eveyone else up with pics like this too.
    I am good at poking fun at myself... :)

  4. Hahaha, this is so funny -- I've enver been very courageous with my hair but when I see pictures like this I always wish I'd had the balls to go for more hilarious and/or embarassing styles in my youth. I love it!


  5. Thanks for sharing. This was a fun read!

  6. Love the journey through your hair styles... you make me feel very hair timid though, my hair rebellion went as far as bangs and some pink streaks that were just supposed to be auburn.

  7. So, you were the cool shaved head girl that us alternative geeks WISHED we were :) HAHA! This is an amazing post!! If you skateboarded like me, I seriously think we would've been BFFs (although too cool to admit it).

  8. Megan ~ I tried my hand at skateboarding a few times but was not coordinated enough to do it without seriously injuring myself! Ironically, now in my later years, hubs,Jr. and myself snowboard every free weekend all winter long!
    I'm not that great, but I think I get an A+ for effort!
    So, could we still be BFF's??? :)


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