Monday, March 1, 2010


I am on the hunt for a pair of shoes.

Each season, I find I buy one shoe that inevitably becomes my "go to" shoe.

As in, I wear it again and again.

And again and again.

Like my black booties you see all the time on this here blog.

The greatest part is that I only paid about $50 for the booties so if you want to break down $ per wear...well, those things are almost free!

Here's what I am liking and craving for spring into summer:

Coach Stefanie

This is the grand poo-ba of the shoes I like.

And I might just actually splurge on this one, since any Coach shoe I have owned is amazingly comfortable as well.

INC Deasy

This one is at Macy's. It's super affordable and I might just have to have it.

Just because.

The Target shoe doesn't seem to want to show itself.

Oh well...maybe it feels weird hanging out with the others since it's only $20.

What do you think Ladies?

Splurge on the Coach?

Buy the Inc?

Or throw all caution to the wind and buy both?

Target shoe, you annoyed me by not showing up here after I tracked you down.

Forget you.


  1. the coach shoe for sure!! super freaking cute!

  2. I vote Coach because everytime I see the advertisement in mags for that shoe, I get so tempted to buy them. I can live vicariously through you! They would go with anything and the platform probably makes them more comfy than the rest.

  3. Get the Coach shoes! I, too, noticed them in magazine ads and they look so tempting!

  4. Those Coach shoes are fabulous looking! They are probably going to last forever and that more neutral tone with go with absolutely everything! Plus since it is not as embellished with trendy studs, it'll stand the test of time more. So pretty ...


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