Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finder's Keepers

I think of my dear Angela (you remember her, right? The one who never blogged at all?) a lot while I am thrifting. We share the same taste in most things, and she has great vision when shopping and totally appreciates a great vintage score.
Since her once flat tummy is now filled with a baby girl {squeals with delight}, I come across certain items while thrifting that might be great for her burgeoning belly.

Like this top here.

I found it on the $2 rack at one of my favorite haunts and thought of her immediately.
It totally appealed to me, and when I got home, I thought I would just try it on...you know, make sure it would fit her in the shoulders etc.

Ok, I'm lying...I wanted to see what it looked like on me!

And then I realized how cute it looks with skinny ankle jeans...especially this great gray color and I couldn't bear to part with it.

"Just wear it once, and then give it to her!" I heard my good conscience tell my evil conscience.

But sometimes evil wins.

Sorry Ang.

blouse: thrifted
ankle jeans: ny&co
shoes: nine west
scarf: an old beach coverup/sarong thing
locket: ny&co red label collection
bracelet: limited


  1. ahhh, cute! The flowy top looks great with the fitted jeans. I like your hair pulled back like too, it's just so clean and crisp looking. I have to admit I have done similar-like if I find something I think would be a fab birthday or Christmas gift for someone, then I get it home and think, "Hmmmm...I kinda like it for ME" and then end up keeping it!

  2. Unfortunately for me, I find outfits that will NOT fit my dumps like trucks, but look adorable on my teeny friends. Take for instance, this AMAZING pale muted though bright water color printed, long sleeved, floor length vintage number I got at a vintage store recently (what a description huh?!) I couldn't leave without it, even knowing it wouldn't be joining my closet arsenal. However, the elation on my friend's face when she tried it on was definitely worth it.

    PS thanks for the congrats! I'm pretty excited about it.. I feel like it's more of a niche market, because there really is only one other jewelry designer on MP, unlike the over saturated world of Etsy creators.

    PS(x2) diapers are toooootally in now. You can't go wrong with a floral print..

  3. Oooo wow, that billowy top definitely looks good with fitted bottoms! I admit that sometimes I try on maternity clothes... I mean, some of it is really cute, haha!


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