Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jet Setting

This is my most picture laden post yet...but these are the best pictures I have ever taken of myself!

So I couldn't decide!

This is my post for Wednesday's outfit since I will not have time to post tomorrow.

Tomorrow some decisions regarding my future literally go up in the air.

But more on that another day....

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it....silk and metal grommets make a lovely duo.

The jacket is constructed of the same silk as the dress, so a really chic take on suiting in my opinion.

Fierce and Sexy also make a nice combination - and this dress/jacket combo does the trick.

When will it finally be appropriate to wear open toe shoes without tights?

My toes are dying to see the sun again!

dress and jacket: ny&company
shoes: michael kors
bracelet: thanks angela!


  1. Hubba hubba, you look amazing! The ones where you're being lit by your window look like professional studio photos! And I agree about the whole open-toed-shoes-without-tights wish: come onnnnn warm weather!

  2. What a fabulous dress. You look killer in black!


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