Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Librarian

I bought this vintage quilted jacket a few months ago after staring at it for a few weeks.

The jacket is so gorgeous, between the quilting and the vivid pink color...I just adore it.

But it is too big.

There is way too much volume in the shoulders and sleeves and not only am I uncomfortable in it, it looks ginormous on me as well.


I'll be putting it up on eBay soon to sell it and I am really sad about it...but I took it for a spin anyway and loved it paired with a skinny ankle pant.

And it was actually warm enough to let my toes get some fresh air!

The button up tunic is actually meant to tie around the back of the waist, but I love it so much more tied in a neat bow around the front. I love the way it cinches the waist in.

The jacket needed to be paired with all black or some other monochromatic palette to really shine.

I just hope it goes to a good home....

jacket: vintage
button up & ankle pant: ny&co
peep toes: bandolino

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