Friday, March 5, 2010

My Dynasty Dress

Everytime I am thrifting I longingly look at all the fabulous sequined gowns and dresses wanting to make one my own.

I almost dressed up as a character from Dallas or Dynasty for Halloween just to justify buying one!

Realistically, I am never wearing one anywhere and I am not willing to spend hard earned dollars on something I only intend to stare at.

Besides, closet real estate in this home is at a premium.

When I thrifted on Thursday I discovered this fabulous 80's style, 70's inspired metallic gown.

Like a crow I am immediately drawn to anything shiny or glittery...and when I realized it was a 1/2 off item...well, I figured I could splurge the $6.

Floor length was certainly not going to work on me, so a few snips later and it was perfection.

My daughter sat by my side as I shortened it she loves the glitz and I have something to wear when I play dress up with her...


  1. i love it!! i like how you shortened it too.

  2. I think it's kind of fabulous and on-trend now - awesome job with the shortening. For $6 - that's great!

  3. Wow. You are so good at thrifting and making something one wouldn't look twice at a real show stopper! You always look so damn good in the clothing, too!!

  4. haha, Love it! I'm really ready for some more 70's inspiration and not just 80's. I'm getting bored with it. :)


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