Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sometimes I see an article of clothing and just know that it is timeless and will remain in my wardrobe until kingdom come.

That was the case with this DKNY leather jacket which is made of the most buttery soft leather imaginable.

It was on a deep discount when I bought it, and knowing it would withstand the fickle timeframe called "fashion" I splurged.

Did I mention that was like 8 years ago?

It is another gorgeously beautiful day here in NJ...hovering just over 60 but a little breezy.

Perfect day to break out this jacket.

I was tempted to throw a "Tiffany" blue scarf on, but loved this one so much more with my leopard ballerina's.

Now I am off to bake my daughter her requested dessert - chocolate cake with chocolate icing!

If she wasn't only 7 years old, I would think she had PMS!

And if by any weird twist of fate it is PMS...then good God I need help!

leather jacket: dkny
scarf,boyfriend jeans and ballerinas: ny&company
black 3/4 sleeve sweater: banana republic


  1. Mmm, chocolate cake with chocolate icing! That sounds delish! I typically don't like leather jackets, but the color on that is divine!!

  2. May I just mention that I enviously eyeball your perfectly bouncy and shiny yet loose and casual hair? I love the length, the volume and casual curls.

  3. Gorgeous! Neutrals colors are currently my favorites!


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