Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plan B

So what do you do when you have your outfit all ready to go at the ass crack of dawn in the morning, put it on...realize you look like the 60's love child of Harry Potter's parents and know you can't possibly go to work...or out in public with this outfit on?

You have a crisis like I did this very morning when I put on this amazing thrifted caftan I found a few weeks ago.
It is a floral print in gorgeous neutrals and when I threw it over my head at the thrift store I knew it had potential with a great belt around the middle.
In my head I knew it needed a skinny, ankle pant which meant an open toe shoe or a neutral pump.
Since it is still March in NJ, open toes are an inappropriate option.
But then I found these nude pumps at Nine West at Monday and with the 25% dream sale,caftan wearing was set to happen this week.

And then I looked at myself at 6am this morning and looked like a wizard.
The sleeves were way too dramatic and weird for a 30 something working in the Jersey suburbs.
I got a lotta guts...I mean you have all seen my hair pictures...but too go out in full on wizard style...I had to decline.

Since I had all of 0 minutes to come up with Plan B, this was the best I could do.
Jewelry was already on and there was no time for rummaging through jewelry boxes.
I wanted to wear my pumps in the worst way...and I did.
Just not how I expected too.

And I was 15 minutes late to work.

all clothing: ny&company
pumps: nine west
earrings: banana republic
ring: lia sophia


  1. I love this outfit. I love the black fitted pants with the nude shoe (as evidenced my my wearing the same thing on Tuesday!).
    Isn't it funny how in our mind's eye we see one thing and then when we put said outfit on, it's just not the same. I'm sure you will come up some creative way to wear the caftan and I look forward to seeing it :)

  2. For a last minute Plan B, I think you actually look very polished and sassy. The skinny black pants add a touch of sass, and the jacket is wonderful over the collared shirt. I can say that I've never looked like a wizard before, but I have a bad tendency to put together outfits that make me look like a school girl. Which isn't what I'm going for, EVER. Ugh.

  3. Those pumps are perfect! Must head to nine west sometime soon! Wonder how long the sale is for...


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