Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I Might Need To Buy Into The Mid-Height Trend

Jimmy Choo
Am I driving you all nuts yet with the shoe talk?
I am having a "moment" with shoes...I cannot stop thinking about them lately.
In fact, Friday morning I was on the phone with Nine West regarding my shoe purchases last week and the fact that none of it was showing up on my rewards account.
I even filled out a survey online that was supposed to give me an additional 250 points - and yet when I logged on - NOTHING.
And I was soooo consumed rectifying this issue that I didn't answer my call waiting for one of my neighbors trying to get a hold of me.
And when I finally called her back and started to share what I was on the phone doing, as I speaking I realized I sounded strangely obsessed.
I'm sure she thought so, because she is a woman that doesn't even buy herself new clothes, let alone multiple pairs of shoes in the same week.

Anyway....I log into my email this very,very early morning and have a blast from Nine West (duh, I gave them a lot of money last week so now they bombard me with emails).
All about the "Mid-Height Trend".
And it got me thinking.

I have always been a fan of the kitten heel - especially on a mule with a nice pointed toe - super sexy.
But beyond a kitten heel, all my other shoes are at least 4" heels.
At 5'1 I feel quite strange in flats - I love ballerinas but they make me feel short and squat.
So I rarely wear them.

I wear sneakers only to work out in.
Uggs are like slippers for wearing around the house only.
And the 97% rest of my life, I wear sky high heels.
Like these beauties:

Ahhh - sorry, I just wanted to see them again...

My life, my choice, my taste.

But now in my mid 30's, I am starting to have some issues.
I am on my feet all day at work.
That's 8-9 hours.

And the ole tootsies are not holding up as well as they once did.
They like, friggin hurt, and alot more often now.
And I looked down at them last week while at work, while they were all red and smarting with pain and I think I am getting a bunion. {shiver}
Gross, right?

I am slowly mutilating my feet because I am too vain.

And that's a fact.

Years ago, I had a woman working for me who used to wear a gross pair of orthopedic looking Clark's every single day, with any sort of outfit.
I used to quiver inside every time I would see them poking out from under her dress pants.
(Whose hems used to drag on the floor and in the dirt, but that is another matter altogether now.)

Will that be me one day?!?!?

While talking about this to one of the ladies who works for me, I thought aloud that maybe I should start to wrap my feet at night the way they do/used to (not sure if it's a current practice) in Asia?

Or has this now just turned into crazy talk?
Does it make me certifiably insane to even ponder such things?

And maybe that is why I need to check into this mid-height thing a little more.
I figure I have until 50 to rock anything 4" and up...and that is if I intend to look age appropriate (I fully do).

But until then, do I jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of trends like this?
It would give my feet somewhat of a break...
And with 13 1/2 years to go until 50...

My poor aching feet might thank me.
And I won't end up having no choice but to rock a nasty pair of Clark's or something.


  1. HA! I totally get where you are coming from. I don't mind the occassional kitten heel or small wedge, but most of my shoes have at least 3". Maybe 4" but that's about it. Thankfully, most of my walking is on carpeting in the office. I cannot stand wearing gym shoes either. They are only when I am out exercising and that's it. Most of my co-workers take a casual dress code and make it out to be gym shoes and jeans. Ugh, the look drives me mad! Clarks shoes would be an IMPROVEMENT for some of them! If only I could take their pics, you almost have to see it to believe it!

  2. Heehee you should sneak some photos with your phone...evil,I know, but oh so tempting!
    I wish I was walking on carpet all would be a little easier on the feetsies. Sometimes I go on my lunch break and just sit in my office reading because I can't bear to stand anymore.
    Oh, the things we do for vanity!!!

  3. I love heels too, and I try-try-try to alternate days: high heels one day and flats or very low heels the next. It makes a HUGE difference, and I get to enjoy my high heels with less pain and more, well, enjoyment. Also, I try to plan my highest heel days according to what I will be doing at work that day. Not that it always pans out... At home I always wear Teva thick soled cushy flip flops since we have mostly hard woods and tile.

  4. Oh, I so relate! Ever since I stopped working (no SSN yet) my feet can no longer seem to tolerate wearing high heels for a long period of time. This makes me sad, because I, too, am considered petite, and flats make me look dumpy as well. I'm sad to say I love my FitFlops and wear them A LOT.

    That top photo makes mid-height heels look pretty cute. And those other ones are just to die for! What style are they? I want!

  5. I am the queen of the kitten heel. I had the dreaded bunion surgery last year and recommend doing whatever you can to avoid it. It was uncomfortable and resulted in many follow appointments including a cortisone shot in the big toe joint - OUCH - last month - a year after the surgery. There was tons of scar tissue that ended up in the joint - don't get me started. My high heels are only for valet parking events, aka door to door. I think you can look rockin' cute in low heels and save your feet from aches and pain. The other styles that works for me are platforms and wedges since my foot doesn't have to bend so much. Be careful about switching to flats - they can also damage your foot because your arch needs some support too. Good luck!!!

  6. Loopy Life - The nude pumps are from Nine West and I just bought them last week!

    Julie Styles - Yikes! Sorry to hear about such an ordeal regarding your feet.And now you may have just scared me into a pair of Clark's.
    Ok, maybe not....

  7. I've been finding heaps of adorably unique vintage shoes while thrifing.. and they utilize a -tops- 3" heel. They are stupidly comfortably and still feel sassy enough that I don't feel like I'm chopping off half of my legs like I do with flats. That's my .50$ (inflation don't ya know)


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