Monday, April 12, 2010

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Well, the house is finally back in order.

The foyer/hallways have been reassembled

The living room has been emptied of all furnishings that were piled up in there for almost 2 weeks.

I even swapped out all my "winter" decor for my spring florals. Bye, Bye pomegranites,peacock feathers, pine cones and wheat...until the fall!

I packed away my velvet pillows for some fresh twill ones.

I even packed away the giant puzzle my husband had sprawled across the dining room table for way too long. And switched my burnt orange Vanda Orchids on the buffet for some stunning magnolia branches (faux,of course! Who has time for real?)

Come Memorial Day, I will break out the coral and shells. Lanterns and all sorts of summer and "nautical" decor.
Until then, it is nice to lighten it up and have the house really breathing the fresh spring air.
Tomorrow I start my new job.
With the home dilemma no longer an issue, I have moved on to bigger problems now...
Like what am I going to wear?!?!?!


  1. looks amazing!! love the fake branches!!

  2. It looks great, I especially like the hallway with all the different sized frames. I really want to get an assortment of vintage frames, paint them all in different colours and hang art in them. However, there is an issue as far as wall space goes.. I'd have nowhere to out them!
    Thanks for the comment, and I didn't know that the BBC had adapted Mill on the Floss. Thanks for telling me!

  3. Your house looks so nice and put together. I'm envious. :)


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