Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crappy Mirror Pics,Anyone?

This is how I can now dress for work every day and I am loving it.
Jeans every single day of my life?
I think it will be some time before the novelty wears off....

It is sucky to be away from my family this week, but I am seriously happy with my career change.
My new job is great.
I actually enjoy it more than I even thought I would.

Sorry for the crappy mirror pics, but I thought it would look strange to have the cleaning woman see a tripod in my hotel room.
Might give the wrong impression if you know what I mean...

I realized today that my hotel resembles The Shining.
And the musty old smell in here must have been what the hotel in the movie smelt like too...if I see any children pedaling Hot Wheels in the hallways I will die.
Really, I will.

People in St.Louis are much nicer than people in NJ. And the ladies I am working with here are all really great.

I may be late to the party on this one, but I discovered the most A-mazing store this past week.
We do not have any really in NJ, although I'm sure some of you will roll your eyes and say,
"Really Eleanor? That store has been around for-EVER!"

But I just found Francesca's Collections and I think I am in love.
A little Anthro-ish...a little Urban Outfitters-ish...almost feels like vintage shopping since so many things seem to be one is simply delightful!

So I have one simple request -
"Francesca's Collections Executives? Can you please put some in NJ? Pretty please? I will be a seriously good customer."
Love, Eleanor

trapeze top and stella bootcut jeans:express
shoes:michael kors
bracelets:charlotte russe and ny&co


  1. They just opened a store in the grove at Shrewsbury,NJ.

  2. They recently opened one here and now I saw they are opening another in a western suburb. They have great (and inexpensive!) jewelry.

    Remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ;-)

  3. Ah, I love Francesca's! I browse through there every time I make a stop at the mall (which is way too often, hahaha). I was going to comment on how amazingly clean that mirror is but now that I know it's a hotel mirror, I'm not surprised! Your outfit today looks so awesome -- I wish I could pull off those billowy tops!

  4. Thanks Anonymous - The Grove is one of my favorite places to shop!

    Pamela -Next week some St.Louis exploring will occur. Because, yes, I need a little play.

    Amy - Thanks! I love billowy tops like this. I bought this one in black as well.

  5. francesca has a store in Paramus Park,


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