Monday, April 19, 2010

Greetings From St.Louis!

I flew out at the crack of dawn to St.Louis,Missouri where I will be working for the next two weeks.
I had to get up at 2am and leave at 4 to get to the airport on time.
The plane was one of those tight Express Jets that are only 3 seats wide.
And the idiot sitting next to me dumped his entire glass of OJ on both of us.
The worst part is, once my flight landed, I had to rent a car and go straight to work.
I was wearing my slim,black ankle pants.The fabric is a stretch twill and does not repel OJ.
Instead it made little white/grey dots all over them wherever the OJ hit.

Anyway...I left work before 3 to get settled into the hotel and change out of my sticky pants.
I have been holed up in here since then just trying to relax and not fall asleep before a "proper" bedtime.
So I don't get thrown off cycle.

Packing took most of the afternoon on Sunday.

I lay everything out as I would wear it, with my "inspiration" books around me for,well, inspiration.

I brought my go to black handbag since it would go with almost everything I packed, and my Coach clutch to go with some of the others.
And of course, my Coach camera bag/wristlet in the adorable rugby stripe.

I am flying home Friday for the weekend and will be back here on Monday.
Anyone have any suggestions for anything to do in St.Louis...or better yet, any great vintage shops?

My suitcases were delightfully underweight....

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  1. I can't be of any help since I've never been to St. Louis, but underweight luggage? Teach me your ways! I have a serious bad habit of overpacking, haha! How awful that you got OJ spilled on you, ugh!


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