Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Layer It On

Are you sick of seeing me in jeans yet?
That's too bad because I am still not sick of wearing them!
I am back in St.Louis and woke up today to rain and cold.
Everything I packed this week seems to be outfits made of layers and layers and layers.
Like this outfit.
A sequin tee paired with a gingham button up and my pinstriped blazer from Saturday night.
And jeans of course.
Boyfriend jeans that are not destroyed suited this look a little more.
My black strappy heels are my favorite shoe for the spring/summer.
It is my LBS.
As in Little Black Shoe.
The go-to shoe.
Sunshine and warmer temps.
And more layers and layers.
all 3 tops:ny&co


  1. Love the collar shirt with the rest of the outfit.

  2. Oh now I've added a sequin tank/tee to my "needs" list for summer. I love how you layered everything - and I love jeans. If I'm in long pants, 99% of the time, it's jeans.

  3. This. Is. Adorable. I love the stripes with the gingham, and that dash of sequin bling underneath! SIGH. I need a pair of LBS-es. Especially ones that are heel-clutz proof.

  4. Love all the layering going on! Fabulous!

  5. love this look, I am sooooo stealing it :o)

  6. Thanks Lesa,Amy and Kristie!
    Lisa: I found an amazing gold sequin tank (comes in gray and black too at Express) that is to die for. Note I said "to die". Because it is that great.
    Debye: Thanks! What a huge compliment from someone who looks so amazing all the time!


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