Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Shockingly enough, I was able to pull myself away from the abyss that is Twilight and keep my plans with Angela this morning.

That being said, I feel I should be honest and upfront in informing you that I stayed up all night to finish Eclipse and inevitably start Breaking Dawn.


This does not happen to me often - where I cannot detach myself from fantasy no matter how hard I try.

The last time this happened was with The Lovely Bones. I read it straight through without pause and almost a whole day disappeared before my eyes.


The Lovely Bones, however, was one book and these 4 gargantuan novels have consumed my whole being.

Although it is nice to know someone out there can write things that I cannot break away's like a "gift" these authors have....

Enough about are either thinking I am a juvenile arse, or totally understanding me right now.

And if you agree with the first one, then it serves me right, since I made fun of a dear friend for being so consumed oh, let's say about a year ago....

Angela and I were on a mission to go to the Coach outlet today. It is closer to her home than mine, so I picked her up this morning after I dropped my 1st grade vampire off at school (yes, {sighs} it has infested this whole home...I have been giving my son and husband who are not interested in reading the books play by play updates).

And look what I got - for $0 dollars out of my own pocket:

I had enough in giftcards to cover the full amount...of course it helped that I received 50% off the markdown and then an extra 20% since today was a "special" day over at the Coach outlet.

The bag is from their fall line. Meaning last fall. But that matters to me? It is a classic bag, timeless, and will remain a constant I am sure.

Not only for summer, but straight into fall as well.

Then we headed over to the JCrew outlet...and because we are so "likeminded" we both bought this same dress/skirt.

In the same color. And in fact the same size, because yes, we are uncannily alike and her cute pregnant belly fits nicely under that full skirt.

The necklace? We both bought the same necklace last week as well.

I already know that great minds think alike...I mean Steph and I wore almost the exact same outfit a month or two ago...but maybe we should start planning a little better, and having only 1 of us buy an item....this way we can have more stuff and share the things that inevitably appeal to all 3 of us....

Just a thought....


Now excuse me while I go see what my daughter is up to...apparently she is writing "Edward" on the palms of her hands....


  1. That dress and necklace are gorgeous. I can envision you walking off your yacht in Nice in that outfit - with your sparkly boyfriend in tow. :o)

  2. Lisa - Ahhhh...that would be the life for me,for sure! As for the sparkly boyfriend, I think my daughter would fight me for him. And I would let her win. I usually prefer scruffy to sparkly any day.

  3. Ditto on the Twilight series! Will lyou be trying her "adult" book The Host?

  4. That and the one she has not finished that is written from Edward's perspective...although the suspense just may kill me in the process. I consider myself warned!

  5. Lol! I was in the same boat just last month with the Twilight series! I finally gave in and bought the first book at Goodwill and became completely and totally engrossed. How did you feel about Breaking Dawn? I was a little disappointed ~ it was good, but I guess not what I expected.

    I love your necklace and the dress is chic yet totally comfy looking!


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