Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost And Not Yet Found

I have been incredibly absent from the computer for days on end for a multitude of reasons.

1. I worked my last day at my current job on Saturday and am on vacation this week from work.

2. Because I am on a vacation, or staycation is more like it, my ensembles have consisted of very boring things like polo shirts, skinny jeans and flip flops - nothing worth photographing.

AND, the main reason I have been absent from the blogiverse, is....

I have been sucked into the vortex known as the Twilight Saga.

It started innocently enough, we sat with our daughter and let her watch the first movie.

Nothing to write home about, I mean I devoured Anne Rice's books with such gusto as a youth, these vampires were jut so-so.

Then we got her the New Moon movie on demand two nights later.

And I got hooked.

Last Tuesday I bought the boxed set of books for myself.

Wednesday I started Twilight on my lunch break, and struggled to dedicate reading time being that it was my last few days at work.

I finished it on Sunday.

Started reading New Moon on Monday and finished it.

Today I started reading Eclipse and am already 3/4 of the way through.

I don't think I will be back to my normal self again until I am done with Breaking Dawn.

I got dressed today because I had a hair appointment. Nothing exciting, root color and a trim.

Tomorrow I meet up with Angela for a little shopping, so I will put more effort into my clothing again.

Have you ever lost yourself in a book that the whole rest of the world starts to beome annoying when it tears you away from it?

Yeah, who knew right?

Oh, and if you were curious...it's Team Edward all the way.

blouse:ny&co red label
shoes:nine west


  1. You look great today and I love you in your new NW sandals.

    I think the last time I actually lost myself in a book though may have been waaaaay back in the day over the Horse Whisperer. Could not put it down and devoured it in a day (literally did nothing else but read).

  2. Haha... I would have never taken you for a Twi-hard. I'm not into the series myself, but a lot of my friends are. I absolutely get lost in books. All the time! The one that takes up most of my time is the Lord of the Rings trilogy because they're so long. I read it at least once every year.

  3. So I had this whole witty post wrote up about mocking the twilight saga, while also suggesting a merl approved vampire smitten author, (kim harrison) while transitioning smoothly to complimenting your Vidal Sassoon-esque hair and posh "I just threw this on, but don't I look effortlessly chic" ensemble, and my internet decided to lose the comment. So I apologize for this excuse, with a half hearted attempt at commenting post. I'll do better next time, I promise.

  4. WOW I totally forgot to mention how hard I laughed when I read your trick for being a peeping mom.. I was so excited to tell the Manfriend .. his response was to sigh and shake his head at how odd we are. Pfft.

  5. Lisa- Thanks! And unbeknownst to you all, it was pushing 90 degrees here and I was soaking wet with sweat whilst taking those pics. So that makes your compliment even better!

    Amy - It was totally accidental that this happened...Scout's Honor! And goodness...reading the Lord of the Rings books? I have a whole new respect for you now...I just waited for the film version!

    Merly - Oh, where do I start you very, very smartass who cracks me the hell up? Yes, I totally deserve the Twilight ribbing since I made fun of those as absorbed as myself just mere months ago. And sadly my life has turned into Twilight discussions with the 5th grader I walk home from school on my days to pick up. Is this what my life has come too???

  6. Oh, and as for the hair...damn tootin'! This was my version of the old "Don't hate me because {my hair} is beautiful" Pantene commercials....oh goodness....

  7. I am on a stay-cation too! I felt the same way when I read the Twilight series...you said it perfectly when you said "I don't think I will be back to my normal self again until I am done with Breaking Dawn"


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