Thursday, April 29, 2010

Masters Of The Universe

JCrew has truly mastered the art of layering.
I need only to look through the latest catalog to find more inspiration than my feeble mind can handle.

Or scroll through their Fall 2010 line.

They almost make me wish summer was almost over.

I said "almost".


  1. Wow, that furry bag in the last picture looks like my cousin's pomeranian, haha! J.Crew does do layers well, but sometimes I feel like they OVERdo it. That top outfit does make me swoon, though... if there's something J.Crew does right, it's their gorgeous coats!

  2. Now see, that last outfit is the one I like most.
    Pomeranian and all...

  3. I think I NEED every single pair of shoes in those pics.

  4. I agree Lisa!
    I am coveting it all....

  5. i can't pick favorites, i love all these outfits!!

    i think j crew does fall layering the best. i love the mix of textures. and i also think that i need that furry vest...

  6. oooh, i love that second outfit. damn it, that faux fur vest is not going away. it's been my white whale. i need one.

    and since you brought up Masters of the Universe, I shall reference it here by saying that at least the model(s) pictured here aren't all "Skeletor" like some of the recents models in the catalogs. (My brother was a huge HeMan and the Masters of the Universe fan when he was little-he'd kill me if he knew I told anyone!)

  7. Pamela - My brother was too! Sometimes I stuck my Barbies in his Castle Grayskull just to piss him off!

    Mikaela - Agreed. The summer layeing can be a bit over the top. Unless you live in Alaska, I cannot imagine some of the summer layering they show coming to fruition.
    Fall, however, makes me crave loads of clothing all on my body at the same time.
    I hate being too cold!

  8. Oh, and Pamela?
    I just saw in People mag this week that they are looking to make the movie version?!?!
    It was a page with photos of actors that said "Who should play HeMan?"....our brothers will be delighted!


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