Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mixed Signals

When I was trying to decide what to wear for my first day of my new job, I felt a little torn.
This is a much younger, fashion forward company than the last one. And pretty casual as well.
I came up with a great outfit idea, then decided I would keep it pretty low key first to see what kind of things other employees were dressed in.

Can't go wrong with a denim boyfriend shirt, but since it is so big and baggy, I prefer to pair it with something more dainty and feminine.
Like a lace tank.

I layered a taupe colored cami underneath and wore slim black ankle pants.
Paired with these brand new JCrew heels I thrifted last week.
Yes, the wear brand new and unmarked until today.
And I only paid $7 for them!!!!

I was glad that I kept it cute but simple, since two of the women working in the store I am in this week were wearing jeans and flip flops.
"Sooo...super casual it is!" I thought.
But then a manager showed up for the closing shift this afternoon in a suit with a button up underneath.


I suppose it goes to show that I should just feel free to be myself (duh) and not worry about whether I am overdressed or underdressed.

So I say, bring on the super cute outfit for tomorrow!


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  1. $7!?!?!?! What a find!!!!

    Flip flips to suits. Interesting! How nice to have the flexibility to wear whatever you want! What a great opportunity to wear whatever suits your mood!

  2. Ahh, this is cuteness! And talk about mixed signals – super casual to a suit with a buttondown shirt. I'd be confused if I were you too, but I guess you really CAN just wear whatever at your new job. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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