Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Discoveries

This morning we took a different way to work from the hotel (there is someone from Chicago working here too this week) and imagine my utter surprise to discover that 2 doors down from my hotel is this.

Apparently, my hotel is in a suburb called Frontenac which is like the Beverly Hills of St.Louis.
Who knew?

Too bad I have to pack and be up by 5am tomorrow, but I am here all next week as well, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be there. Definitely once...maybe twice...Williams Sonoma Home?!? There are only a handful of them in the entire US!

After the heavens had parted and the angels sang, I was blessed to discover a fabulous place to eat. A place that I have never seen in NJ. Qdoba.

I just ate a burrito that could feed a small family and enjoyed every single second of the gorging.

Since I am not planning on wearing skinny jeans tomorrow ~ who cares? It was like a party in my mouth.

It is lonely being away from home ~ but if I keep finding such places to keep me busy, next week should fly by as fast as could be!

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  1. hey there Qdoba just opened in Bergen county at Bergen Town Center


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