Friday, April 9, 2010

My Husband Thinks He's Bob Vila...

Or some sort of home improvement guru.

And unfortunately, I didn't have my father in law around this time.

Long story short, when we removed all the wallpaper from our foyer/hallways of this home we found another layer of wallpaper.


The top layer, which was 80's "paint strokes" of silver,mauve and gray peeled away to reveal a "liberty" print of American flags and Bald Eagles.

Yikes times two!

It took a dry wall guy (thank goodness a family friend) about a month of evenings and weekends "fixing" our walls.

Told you this house was a fixer upper!

This winter my husband saw a crack in the wall on our staircase and began repairing the drywall.


He then took it upon himself to respackle and sand any places he wasn't fond of, which include his office, our daughters room, the kitchen and the hallways/foyer.

And now we need to repaint everything.


He took on the hallways/foyer first and for the past few weeks has been plugging away at it after he gets home from work.

We had plans to go away this weekend to NC with both of my brothers and their families to visit my mom and cancelled last minute due to my almost nervous breakdown about the condition of my home and the fact that we wouldn't get home until Monday evening and I start my new job on Tuesday.

But if you feel so inclined, you could read about my emotional distress and the drama that ensued on my mommy blog.

So here's the current state of my home:

See why we stayed home?

We painted all day today and hubby is just wrapping up some touch ups now.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids into NYC to the Museum of Natural History as a consolation prize.

If you can consider that better than seeing your Nanny.

That still leaves me Sunday and Monday to get myself organized and ready since after that I only get 1 day off from my new job before they fly me to St.Louis for 2 weeks.

Yes, I said 2 weeks.

Thank goodness they are flying me out on Mondays and home on Fridays so I'm not away from my kids for so long.

Then the week after that they want me to work in NY.

Talk about commuting,eh?

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  1. Congrats on the new job! Hopefully the commute doesn't end up being too rough. Good call on cancelling the trip, sometimes sanity is more important!!


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