Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pretty,Pretty Polka Dots

Another accidental outfit today.

I put on slim leg khaki pants this morning, and if my rear end looked anywhere near as large as it felt like it did...I would have been an eyesore for sure.

I have had this babydoll dress since early 2007 and it is always a faithful standby.
Paired with this sleeveless,drapey racerback sweater makes it super comfy as well.
I layered a long sleeve black tee underneath since it is still somewhat cool out...37 degrees this morning going to work with open toe shoes!
By the time I headed outside this afternoon, it had warmed up to almost 70.
Even warmer temps for tomorrow are predicted!

Off I go to wrap up a little "stitchery" project I am working on...

dress and necklace:limited
sweater and leggings:ny&co
sunglasses:adrienne vittadini


  1. I really love the babydoll look, and though I doubt that your behind looked gigantic, I do like this top on you!

  2. Thanks Amy!
    The babydoll look comes in handy when you are having a "I'm bloated,gross and fat" sort of day.
    Like I was.


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