Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Old House

I have showed you all some pics of my home here and there.
I shared how I did a brief stint in home furnishings/design (and furnished this home with my 40% off discount on furniture that was otherwise out of our budget-cha-ching!)

This is the 3rd home I have proudly owned.

My first was a small 1000 square foot bungalow I bought when I was 22. And my son was 2.

The second I bought with my husband, a 1200 square foot 1900's farmhouse that we bought from my in laws when they retired to South Carolina.

In 2006 we closed on this house, a 2200 square foot Cape Cod.
My house is red shingled and I never thought I would love living in a red house this much.
My house is a few blocks up from the house I spent most of my youth growing up in.
I saw it in a real estate ad and thought, "Hey! I know that house!"
As a child every time we drove past it my mother would say "I love that house! There is just something about it that I really love!"

Who knew her eldest daughter would someday own it?

Well, own it after she pays the bank for 26 more years....

Anyway, now that you have the warm fuzzies (cute story,eh?) I knew the moment we saw this house the first time that this was our home.
I get these little epiphanies from time to time and I literally saw us (in my head of course) playing football in the front yard...having SuperBowl parties...(all of which we do pretty regularly) and knew that this was it.

Did your warm fuzzies turn to goose bumps now?

So...long story edited, the house was a total cosmetic fixer upper.


Over the past four years we have been doing project after project to make it look like our dream home. Aesthetically, of course. Our real "dream" home would be on a craggy cliff in Maine but that's another story all together...

We had the original wood floors redone in a dark walnut stain - gorgeous!
We painted every square inch of this house - pain in the ass!
We landscaped the entire yard ourselves last spring - backbreaking!
We installed crown moulding in our master and formal living room - classy!
We found illegal drugs in the master closet when we first moved in - scary!

Again...that is another story....entirely....

What I am getting at, in a round about way, is telling you about our newest/old project...the kids bathroom.

2 years ago, I came home from work to find the kids shower door laying on the curb.
Hubby decided it was ugly and took it down.
When we went to our local home improvement mega store, and saw how much shower doors really were, we decided that it was not worth spending to enclose a crappy fiberglass surround.

So what did we do, you ask?

What any smart couple does...spend a load of money having a tile guy come in and rip out the ugly stall and tile out your shower with subway tiles so it makes more sense to buy the doors.

Or not?

Anyway...the shower rehab led to a sink rehab and paint job.

Then hubby decided a few weeks ago that we should put in wainscoting and chair rail to "complete" the look.

I agreed.

Did I mention that my father in law comes up here to do carpentry for us? Oh, well...he does!

So he has been working on this since he painted...and...ta da!

Here it is:

beach signs from a local boardwalk i found at a flea market 10 years ago

look at this enclosure my father in law made to hide our sink pipes!

The walls are beach umbrella yellow and the trim is just an ultra white. Hubby picked out the color - he's good, isn't he?(My little one was having a sleepover with her girlfriend so I stayed home with the girls)

I am so fortunate that my father in law is so talented...tomorrow the swivel mirror goes back up and the last boardwalk sign...and then we are officially done.

What do you think???


  1. I love that bathroom! and I love the story behind your house. I love old homes. I love the stories they have. You simply cannot get that with a new build.

    We recently had our shower re-tiled and I think it's worth every dime. It looks clean and crisp. I'm also loving the wall hangings! I can't wait for the flea markets to start around here. I get so excited to check them out and try and come home with at least one treasure!

  2. I love the whole kind of Cape Cod feel to the bathroom - so nice and relaxed.

    I have dreams of retiring to a charming little New England fishing village - BF wants to retire to a ranch. We've got some years to do some compromising.

  3. I hit one yesterday with the kids but all I scored was a few pieces of costume jewelry.
    There is nothing like the exhiliration of finding a one of kind treasure - it gets you hooked!

  4. Lisa - We may have both been born and raised in NJ, but we are New Englander's at heart for sure!
    Until my oldest graduates high school (3 more years) we will have to remain content with our dreams!

  5. To make a long story short, if you want to make sure that the company which you're selling your wares to is a gold wholesaler, not a retailer.

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  6. I love it! Very fresh and inviting. The enclosure for the sink pipes in ingenious.

  7. Love it, and would greatly enjoy seeing more of your house - the tidbits seen so far have me hooked!

  8. I really love your bathroom and think father-in-law did an awesome job. I love the tiled shower and the pop of yellow color for the walls. And the flea market signs- clearly I'm sold. I'm also envious of the location of your house since I've never been to Cape Cod but always hear great things about it.

  9. Aww, the story behind your home is so endearing! How ironic that it was the very house that your mother always loved? The enclosure to seal off the sink pipes from sight is a great idea – somehow those pipes always make even impeccable bathrooms look kind of sketch, so I love that yours are covered and hidden from view! I think re-doing an "ugly" room is totally worth it because you're right in that it's not worth spending a lot of money to do up just ONE part of that room when the rest of it is still an eyesore. Congrats on the renovation!

  10. What an amazing job! Can I also say how jealous I am that you (and your FIL) are so handy at home? So many things I want to redo in our home -- with paint being the first. I keep telling myself it's easy, I can do t myself, but I get overwhelmed. This is inspiring.


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