Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Round-Up

What a whirlwind!

Saturday we had a bunch of nonsense to do around the house and then it was off to my Dad's 65th Birthday Surprise Party.

my brother tom, his fiancee katie and my niece vera

me and the hubs

my dad and daughter

me and my daddy

dad with tom and katie

My parents are named Tom and Katie too...isn't that weird?

Now that I am head over heels in love with jeans, I wore a really oversized destroyed boyfriend jean with a silk cami,strappy jeweled silver heels and a pinstriped blazer.
And a load of pearls that my niece enjoyed chewing on while I was holding her.

The jeans are a size up from what I would normally buy, but since they are a boyfriend it didn't matter.
They hang off my hipbones a little, but paired with a sexy top and sexy heel the destroyed extra bagginess is balanced.
I love them so much, that I packed them with another girly top to wear working this week.

I mentioned that wearing jeans to work has opened up my wardrobe in so many ways, and I feel the need to gush about it a little more.
Take the silk cami for instance.
I have owned it for about 7,8 years and rarely wear because, let's face it, a silk cami with dress pants/suiting is so typical.
Same thing with the pin stripe blazer.
But paired with a great pair of denim, and voila! a whole new look!
I am grateful that I always lean towards buying more timeless pieces, so I have closets chock full of plenty of stuff to play with!

Now, off to the airport!

silk cami and pearls:limited


boyfriend jeans:express



  1. Very cute, lady! And you and your family are adorable. Everyone looks like they had a very nice time. :)

  2. Oooo, I love it! I'm glad you had an awesome time with the family! As for the silk cami, I am LOVING it paired with the destroyed slouchy jeans! It looks so less "typical," as you said, and much more chic! I adore the layering of pearls, too!


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