Saturday, April 10, 2010

Went To NYC, Not NC...

Took the kids into NYC today to the American Museum of Natural History. Lots of walking involved, so I wore these new gold ballerina flats I bought last week. They have a cute little ruffle across the front and will go with pretty much everything I own. I am relying on them to be a staple of my wardrobe - even though wearing them makes me feel short and dumpy instead of petite and cute.
I thrifted this bateau neck stripe top from JCrew a week ago. It was a huge score since I found it sitting on a rack of "go-backs" in front of the fitting room. I have hit a motherload of JCrew lately in 2 different thrift stores, but that can be another post all together.
With my love for all things striped, bateau necked and 3/4 sleeved....this shirt has become an instant favorite. I tend to be cold all the time so 3/4 sleeves are always my preference. Besides, I think they are more flattering to the upper body.
The temperature has dropped almost 30 degrees in the past 24 hours or so, so I threw on this mini trench so I felt comfortable all day. Paired with these skinny ankles that really need to go in the wash because I have been wearing the hell out of them lately.
We had a great day, all in all, and I think my kids have forgiven me for not taking them to North Carolina this weekend.

I debated stealing this for my home you think they would have noticed?

My kids.

Oh, how I would love to live at Central Park West. My favorite part of the city!

The hubs and my new Coach bag. Both the loves of my life.

Does it make you jealous I live so close to this amazing city?

A before-dinner snack on the way home.
Loads of sprinkles...just how I like it.

mini trench:ny&co
top:jcrew (thrifted)
ankle jeans:ny&co (seriously, for how cheap they are,they are amazing!)
ballerinas:anne klein

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  1. Cute outfit for spending the day in the City at the museum. Looks like a fun time. And I AM jealous you live that close to NYC. And that you got the tasty ice cream cone! It's too darn cold to think about ice anything around here!


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