Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's your style?

I've found myself sitting in the dressing room with white organza and satin surrounding me. I ask myself what look do I want to have on my wedding day? I know the silhouette, but that's about all...oh wait I lied I know that I do not like organza/tool (which of course is the newest trend for 2010) I just feel like a little girl when I put those dresses on.

So I'm definitely sure that Fit & Flare/ Slim is the best cut for me. Since I'm so short, poofy and dresses with too much fabric look ridiculous on me! And i want to look like a woman on my wedding day not a little girl in this huge dress. Fit & Flare hugs my curves and elongates my body(and this 5' girl needs all the elongating she can get) haha!

Many of you may be saying "but you have so much time!" but the reality is that now a days you have to order your dress a year to 8 months ahead of time!

Tell me what you style was/will be/or what you wish it was!

Are you:



Elegant with simplicity:

Elegant with a modern flare:

Modern & Very "now":

A little bit of everything:

April 25th I will be going to Kleinfelds in Manhattan. If I don't find a dress from the largest wedding gown carrier in the world, well then I have a serious problem!

Can't wait to see what you all say!

<3 Steph


  1. I think you'll have a better idea of what suits you. Some of the gowns I initially wanted didn't look right. I'm petite and got a traditional dress because drop waisted dresses don't always look great on petite frames. Trying on dresses is a little overwhelming, but fun. And what they say is true, when you've got "the one" on, you just know it's the right one. Good luck at Kleinfeld's! I planned on going there as a back up, but because I found my dress in 40 minutes, I didn't need to lol.

  2. Oh man, wedding dress shopping! I wonder what it's like? I won't know for a while, haha! But I hope you have a good time shopping around for those dresses! I love the way classic gowns look personally because they're, well, classic!

  3. Love fit and flare on you! Your going to be vision on your day regardless of what you choose. I think I'm more of "a little bit of everything" I want the classy, trendy, and chic

    I lovedddddd the pics you sent me recently when you were dress shopping, so far. Those are my favorite! :)

    Can't wait for Kleinfelds, aka the MECCA of bridal couture! Obviously send me pics!!!

    Xo Jena


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