Friday, May 7, 2010


If you told me a few years ago that I would be wearing gold jewelry I might have laughed at you.

I wore only silver jewelry since I was in middle school.

A few years ago, my gorgeous friend Angela and I got into the discussion of jewelry preferences and she questioned me about my dislike of gold.
She brought up valid points about how gold is so warm against tanned skin, etc.
And I began to believe her.

Fast forward a few years, and lately all I feel like I buy anymore is bold,gold statement pieces.
Like this necklace I bought last weekend.

And this one I thrifted on Wednesday. (isn't it too cute???)

Who knew I would be a convert???
Who knew I would be wearing ultra skinny jeans like this???
And who knew that this entire ensemble, flip flops included, is my work outfit today???

If you had told me, I wouldn't have believed you.

zelda ultra skinny jeans: express
sharkbite sweater: express
long ribbed tank: ny & co
ring: charlotte russe
necklace w/ beads: express
owl necklace: thrifted


  1. I was a gold convert too, though the band I wear every day is silver. I find that gold tends to look better than silver on costume pieces too -- somehow silver is just too bright, whereas gold adds a nice warmth to it! I love the owl necklace!

  2. Are we taking guesses on the new place of employment yet? I think I have it figured out... :)

  3. Amy ~ My engagement ring is platinum and I never take it off. Wedding jewelry looks amazing in silver tones if you ask me...

    Tessa ~ I'm sure you do! Employee discounts are such a makes it hard to shop anywhere else!

  4. ha! I was thinking I figured out the new employer, too...congrats!

    I was anti-gold, too. Foolishly, bc now that I wear it, I realized how with my coloring, it's much better for me.

    I'm loving the necklace! I've always liked Express and the Limited jewelry. Great pieces.

    Happy Mother's Day!


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