Thursday, May 27, 2010

GoodWill Hunting

*note to self:high waisted pleat front pants do not make for good seated pictures. you look like you have saggy crotch.
A few weeks ago, I noticed a GoodWill store not too far from my home.
I had never shopped in one, but hear about the amazingly low,low prices from other bloggers and have been meaning to finally get around to checking it out.
I stopped by Tuesday after dropping the last kid at school and the dog at the groomers.
My heart sunk when I walked in and saw a bazillion long,straight racks.
I detest shopping like that.
I actually almost cried when I realized that nothing was sized and is just merchandised by color and classification.
Who has hours and hours to rummage like that?
Certainly not me!
I mean, I was putting off scrubbing bathrooms to be here...these kind of trips need to be swift and efficient!
Being the true thrift lover that I am, I actually did start out rummaging rack by rack but when I reached the end of the tether that holds my patience together, I abandoned the thorough hunting and started skimming the aisles for fabrics that caught my eye.
Are you surprised that this blouse did?
For $3.99 it was a steal.
And I felt satisfied that my GoodWill hunting did not leave me emptyhanded.
blouse: thrifted carol little
high waisted pleat front pants: ny & co
necklace: inherited from my grandma mee-mee
bracelet: tiffany's
ring: christmas gift from hubs many moons ago
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini


  1. Very nice find - and I always like you way you make these thrifted pieces into your own with the accessorizing.

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    I actually try to visualize how I would wear an item before I buy it so it doesn't sit stagnant in my closet.
    Although that wasn't the case with this top ~ I saw sheer polka dots and puffy sleeves and just said,"Yes, Please!"
    I knew I would figure out the rest later...

  3. I haven't been in a Goodwill forever simply for the reason you just stated. It's too overwhelming. You have totally inspired me to start doing a bit of thrifting. We have some great shops in a hip area on the eastside of the city that have a few cool looking shops. I am making it a priority this summer to spend a day checking them out!

  4. I love shopping at Goodwill! It can be a little overwhelming at times with all the racks, but if you go in with a mind set of what your looking for, like blazers, etc. it really pays off to look at as many items as you can. Sometimes it can be hit or miss, but that to me is what makes it a little exciting! Last time I brought home two Banana Republic blazers and a Michael Kors blouse and did a little woot woot dance when I got home.


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