Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Open Letter To JCrew

Dear JCrew,

Just when I have spent almost 5 whole months with a zero balance on my JCrew card, you have to go and put out more of your "new arrivals" .

Well thanks a lot.

For months I have been able to shrug off all of your tempting emails and catalogs with superhuman strength.

And I almost deleted your email yesterday, but since I have been able to resist you so well I dared to take a peek.

And now I don't think my life will ever be complete unless I have that caftan and blazer.

Like, tomorrow.

I must ask how you can live with yourselves, dangling such finery in the face of such a feeble shopaholic?

If my marriage ends in divorce, I'm blaming you.


P.S> I really want the booties and tunic as well, but I can't press my luck.


  1. Those booties ARE cute! I rec'd my catalog yesterday and saw some great things. But the color seems off on many of the pages and everything has a shade of pink overcast on it! What the...??

  2. Those booties look similar to new Louboutins I saw in a Bergdorf email yesterday...
    But the polka dots...oh, I need! Oh, I want!!!


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