Monday, May 3, 2010

Polka Dotted Pretty

I have a love-hate relationship with polka dots.
As in, some days I love them and some days I hate them.
I was thrown headfirst into "love mode" when I spied this ruffle blouse in St.Louis last week.
After eyeing it up again and again, trying to decide how I would wear it (I try to assemble a complete outfit in my head before purchasing. At least 1 instant outfit = buy it, where as unable to think of outfit = do not buy it).
Suddenly, images of high waisted wide leg trousers came to mind as well as sleek pencil skirts. And for today? I layered a cardi over it, with a high waisted, pleated slim trouser with a strappy heel. It worked just fine for this working girl!
Too bad picture taking was not working today...they were all dreadful.
This was the only salvagable one of the lot!
ruffle blouse: express
pleat front trouser:ny&co


  1. pretty blouse and nice arms!!

  2. Good idea about having an outfit idea for an item prior to buying. I like both your ideas for the top. What's your tattoo??

  3. Dea - Thanks! And thanks to Jillian Michaels for the arms...I've been doing her Shred and Yoga dvd's since January!

    Pamela - My tattoo is a tribal eye. I got it when I was 18. I was running an eclectic boutique and buying all the merchandise for it and spied this little ditty in a jewelry catalog. I loved it and that was all she wrote! As a mom, I tell my kids it is my 3rd eye...I am always watching...

  4. Ooo, I just read your description of your tattoo! I like! This blouse really does look amazing on you. I'm glad you're having a "love" day for polka dots!


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