Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Treasure Trove

I have felt quite uninspired the past few days.
Thus no posts.

The weather has been dull and rainy and cold enough that I had to switch the heat back on in the house.

Hot to cold like this really cramps my style...literally...and leaves me feeling quite blase to tell the truth.

Having caught up on all housework and laundry and doing my food shopping on Sunday had left today wide open for what can only be called a true day off.

So naturally, I did what I like to do best.

I thrifted for about 3 hours.

First stop turned up a non-vintage dress that I really love and couldn't bear to leave without. I found an adorable vintage romper with sailboats on it that would be perfect if I had an Etsy shop or the likes. But since I do not, I left it behind. A 36 year old wearing a sailboat romper with ruffles might just be the biggest fashion faux paux of the year.

I even carried around a taupe and cream polka dot one piece zip up with palazzo style pants (and a matching kerchief!) since finding an item that outrageously vintage is not common around here.

But realizing that running around in the burbs wearing something that outlandishly vintage (and loud) would create the second largest faux paux, I passed on that one as well.

(Steph, I know you are sighing with relief!)

My second stop only turned up a gorgeous,vintage short sleeve sweater on sale for $1! I already have an outfit planned around it and can't wait to wear it.

I swung over to one of my favorite haunts to scrounge around and chat with the lovely woman that manages the shop.

As I was peering into her jewelry case she informed me to high tail it to the back of the store where there were baskets and baskets of vintage purses!

Of course I obeyed instantly, and found another woman on her hands and knees digging through them frantically since she now had competition.
I thought for a brief second that there could be an all out brawl when I was looking through a different basket than she was, carefully placing the bags on the floor next to me as to get to all of them, when she crawled over and pointed to one next me asking, "Do you want this one?"

Since I don't crawl and scavenge like an animal, I politely declined, she snatched it and crawled back over to her basket.


I'm not the type who needs to clamor and fight for items when shopping, I would rather do without than be part of a feeding frenzy like that.

And do you know what?

Good things truly do come to those who wait!

Because look at what I found in there:

4 purses that I couldn't imagine living without now that I have found them!

An amazing vintage caftan!
I love caftans in the summertime. They are such a classic...and this one is from Atlantic City NJ! Does this make me a locavore???

A vintage bag numbered and labeled "Handmade in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong"

And the crowning glory???

A pair of Ferragamo heels!

Now that is what I consider the perfect pick me up!


  1. That's a better pick me up than crack! (not that i would know... I'm only guessing).
    Love the purses! But the shoes...THE SHOES!!! Beautiful details!!
    BTW- what's your polish color?!

  2. LOL @ Pam's comment! Too funny!

    Seriously, though, that is an awesome haul! I can't wait to see how you wear your new (old?) things! That one brown purse with the stone embellishment on the front is just GORGEOUS. WOW! How big is it? I've never been too fond of shopping feeding frenzies either. That's one of the reasons I rarely venture into F21!

  3. Pam ~ The polish is Essie's Red-Y Set Ex. And can you believe I paid only $10 for the Ferragamo's? They are a smidge too big, but I'm not crying!

    Amy ~ All the purses are small and quite impractical for daily life. But I love them anyway!

  4. Oh man $10?!? What a find!!!!! That's awesome! I'm going to track down that polish this weekend! Thanks!!


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